Pietro EMANUELE architect/artist, lives and works in Palermo, where he was born in 1960. Extremely versatile artist, he is able to express himself through artistic forms which go from terracotta sculputures to pastels. But in manufactures of copper, brass, alpaca and metals, that he use in the form of leaves, also as winding spirals in which are gathered together magnetics energetics fields linked to the listening of the silent universe which is in ourselves, that he has found his deep inspiration.

His artworks reflect the studies he has led. The deep considerations about his works don�t forget his specific university studies led to the contemporary scientific and philosophical thought, applied to the design. The reformulation of images of the human knowledge oriented to the search of a fundamental place of observation through which is possible understand the evolution of the knowledge, and also the analysis of the epistemologic implications of the recent development of the evolution sciences, had found in him an application space, with the desire of represent the space of the mind that compare itself with the complexity of the contemporary world. Ideas as 'effect threshold', 'fluctuation', 'perturbation', etc..., are become in his works, new engines centers of the diversification and instability that characterize our society, that is bonds makers of speculative possibilities of art.

The formal results that he obtain, even if governed by a structural rigor behind a visceral desire of harmony and equilibrium is hidden, espouse with an innermost and vital use of color, used in strong and intense way. This search take him to considerate his works as fluctuating 'waves of thoughts' (and of his soul), that 'between' 'reason and feeling', move to the 'border of gap' of an uncertain reality, unstable, complex, articulated, and often hard to understand, with the desire of a 'motion' which can return to men and women their consciousness and the sense of life.

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